New website, a touch of Jesus, and new songs!

Finally getting round to getting our website sorted out – a work in progress – and our singer, Sean, has been camping it up in a recent production of “Jesus Christ Superstar“.

But we are still working hard on making our set list as dynamic as possible and adding a few songs in the process:

Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars is bloody hard to pull off, but is a great track to dance round your handbag to, and  a heap of fun to play. Likewise, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams has modern classic stamped all over it, and crowds love it.

Fight for your Right” by the Beastie Boys is always great fun, and The Stones’ “Paint it Black” never gets old.

Finally, our version of “Tainted Love” is much closer to Gloria Jones’ Northern Soul original version, guaranteed to get even the most reluctant dancer up on the dance floor.

We are all itching to play these live again as soon as possible.